Sunil Dimple leads protest against the BJP-PDP Govt for refusing construction of flyovers at rehari chungi

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Jammu, February 9:

Pretest rally on Amphalla janipur high court road was held by traders, residents, of the constituency under the leadership of Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement held today against the BJP-PDP Govt as it has refused to construct flyovers at Rehari chungi jewel chowk  to solve the traffic problem on the Janipur high court road, in the Jammu city, particularly in the localities of the  west assembly constituency and on the Talab Tillo Road.

Protestors shouted slogans against the sitting MLAs of Jammu city , for not raising the traffic problem in the Assembly, demanded their resignation for no development works in the constituency.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple said the BJP-PDP govt has denied in the assembly for the construction of the flyovers at rehai chungi, jewel chowk. He appealed the honble high court to intervene the matter as the govt intentions are not looking sincere to solve the worst traffic problem of the Jammu city.

He demanded chief minister to start the construction of the flyovers at Rehari chungi, Jewal Chowk and make small parking’s spots on all the roads, in all the constituency and on the Janipur High court road.

He demanded for the construction of alternative four way circular road from Amphalla  Manda to High Court  Janipur, to  Roop Nagar, Bantalab  and from Jewal Chowk to Talab tillo bia bhagwat nagr canal road to Ease the traffic rush problem  on the  Amphalla, New Plot, Janipur, Bantalab Road.

He also requested the Govt for the widening of the Jewal canal to Purkhu Akhnoor Road.

He said no net work of spreading roads, flyovers and circular ring roads is  being done and the general public is being harassed, vehicles being lifted, business community is being harassed by demolishing, innocents are being fastly challaned which is no solution to control the traffic unless the roads net work is spread.

Dimple demanded for starting Metro Rail, Mono Rail and Construction of Circular Roads to solve the traffic problem faced by the people of Jammu City.

He demanded the chief minister Mahbooba Mufti to reshuffle the whole traffic police jammu. As all the traffic scenario of the jammu city has collapsed and the heads of the traffic department are unable to regulate the traffic in the jammu city properly,  are involved in the unfair means and corruption in the traffic department is on the highest level.

He said the matter of large scale corruption in the traffic department, has defunct the traffic policing scenario in the jammu city.

He alleged jammu urban and rural police has badly failed and is unable to control the traffic in the Jammu city and district and busy in malpractice.

He said the condition of the roads is very miserable and PWD R&B is involved in corrupt practice.

Sunil Dimple demanded the Vigilance inquiry, the   crime branch and CBI Inquiry of the on going funds allotted and the work of the ERA and PWD R&B as all the engineers staff of the ERA PWD R&B, are hand in glove with the contractors of the company and the public money is being lavishly used and wasted.

Sunil Dimple alleged the west assembly constituency has become the dirtiest, backward constituency of the state and all important projects of the constituency are lying unattended.

He said ERA sewerage works have damaged all the roads of the west constituency, the Sewerage garbage, toilets main hole are overflowing and latrine toilet water is going in the houses, shops of the traders in the constituency.

Dimple demanded CBI, Crime, Vigilance inquiry of the the ERA, PWD R&B, JMC funds spent in the constituency as no development is visible in the constituency.

He said the worst condition of the roads of the west constituency janipur high court, new plot, sarwal rehari, bakshi nagar, talab tillo, subash nagar, shiv nagar, shakti nagar and all the roads of the west assembly constituency for the last two years are waiting for the black toping.

He said the people of the Jammu facing lot of hardships and miseries and no development is taking place in the Jammu city and particularly in the west assembly constituency, where all the development is at halt after the installation of this BJP Govt.

The other prominent protestants are Swarn Lal, Mohinder Kumar, Rajinder Gupta, Dr Sham Saroop gupta, Manjiet Anand, Surinder Bhalla, Chaman Pawar, ChuniLal bhat, Satpal Kohli, Sat Kumar, Sanjev Soi, PC Kapoor, Arjun Kumar, raj kumar gandotra, ajay mahta, Bharat Bhushan, Kulwant Sharma, Arjun Kumar, rajinder Sharma  Ashok Sharma,  and many others.



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