Pakistan PM’s meaningless plea on American mediation

J K News Today Commentary
In Washington D.C. , visiting Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan beseeched for American mediation to resolve “ Kashmir dispute” between India and Pakistan as he claimed that all his pleas for dialogue with India to address the issue did not yield results .
It is true that Pakistan made repeated offers to sit across the table with the Indian leadership to address the “ K” issue , but what Imran Khan did not tell the American leadership that his country was seeking premium on the export of terrorism into Jammu and Kashmir, particularly the Valley .
Imran Khan made a call for dialogue with India days before he was sworn-in as Prime Minister last year , and when did he repeat the same after India was shaken by Pakistan sponsored terror attack of February 14 in Pulwama in south Kashmir in which at least 40 CRPF personnel were killed .There was a flurry of such offers after the devastating terror attack,
Perhaps Pakistan forgets that there is no rule in the international law where terrorism is unleashed and the victims are asked to sit across the table to address the issues . This is Pakistan’s way of thinking and executing the foreign policy , and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has stated in clear terms that unless the tap of terror is turned off in Pakistan, there can be no dialogue.
Had Pakistan taken a substantial action on the dossier submitted by India on Pulwama attack and its links to Pakistan , it could have claimed that it has taken action and is qualified to sit across the talks table . That did not happen . Instead Pakistan denied that it had any role and blamed the Indian government for the “ atrocities” in Kashmir. Ultimately, it was the UN that decided to designate Masood Azhar, whose men in Jaish-e-Mohammad , the terror group that he heads , as global terrorist. But even thereafter the terror machinery in Pakistan is moving on and India is having serious concerns over the Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir .
Imran Khan would have done better to tame the terrorism in Pakistan and stopped all its elements of terrorism operating in Kashmir before beseeching for American mediation .
The flattery that “ America is the most powerful country” and it can mediate in resolving Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan is a deflection from the real problem, which is terrorism emanating from Pakistani soil and hurting and bleeding Kashmir . The world knows the reality and Imran Khan has no option but to clear terrorism and stop supporting terrorism in Kashmir before seeking meaningful dialogue with India on Jammu and Kashmir. This must include the Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir , otherwise his dialogue offer is just meaningless.

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