50% discount through fastag only to both commercial vehicles registered within district and on return journey

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Jammu, January 17:

In order to further increase the penetration and widespread use of FASTag for toll payments across India, it has been decided by NHAI that all concessions/discounts applicable on toll plaza like return fair discount, local exemption shall be limited to Toll Payments paid via FASTags only.

Therefore, now, exemption and concessions will only be applicable through FASTag at NHAI Toll Plazas. Commercial vehicle registered within the district are given a discount of 50% in the toll rates but now this concession will be available for payment made through FASTag only. Also there is discount of 50% on return trip for the return journey performed within 24 hours on paying toll for return journey. This discount also will not be available on cash payment. No return journey slips will now be provided. Only the commuters transacting through FASTag will automatically get the 50% discount on return trip in return journey within 24 hours i.e pay only 1.5 times the rate of single trip. Moreover the monthly passes which are issued to people residing within 20 Km from the Toll Plaza @Rs. 265/- per month will also be provided only through FASTags. Any exemption to VIPs/Dignitaries will also be through FASTag only.

Since 14.01.2020 FASTag has been made mandatory to pay the toll charges at the NH Toll Plazas across the country including those in J&K. Project Director, NHAI, PIU – Jammu Shri Ajay Kumar Rajak informed that sufficient stock of FASTag is available in the State and  large number of FASTags are being sold at Toll Plazas on daily basis and number of vehicles fitted with FASTags  has increased multiple times in the last two months in J&K and the transaction through FASTag has become more than 30% in Jammu Region.

This mode of payment is being launched by the Centre to reduce congestion and delays at the Toll Plazas. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India has decided 100% electronic collection at Toll Plazas through FASTag w.e.f. 15.12.2019 which was extended upto 14.01.2020. As per Govt of India, MORTH Circular No. H-25016/01/2018-Toll Dated: 19.07.2019, in order to promote the payment through digital mode and to provide a seamless passage to the fee plazas, user of the vehicle not fitted with FASTag entering into FASTag lane of the fee plazas shall pay a fee equivalent to two times of the fee applicable to that category of the vehicle.

The implementation of 100% electronic toll collection is being done all over the Country and  Thandikhui Toll Plaza in Samba, Ban Toll Plaza in Jammu District and Mada Nashri Toll Plaza. Increase in use of FASTag will lead to non-stop movement across the Toll plazas in near future. NHAI is making every possible effort for hassle-free movement of VVIP, Defence Personnel, Ambulance and other exempted vehicles and avoiding the traffic Jams.

FASTag have been made available at the toll plazas, branches of banks e.g. PNB, HDFC, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra, Paytm etc. NHAI FASTag is available at the toll plazas which can be recharged/linked with bank account by using ‘My FASTag App’. Only, one document i.e. RC (Registration Certificate of the Vehicle). These FASTag can also be bought from online shopping sites e.g. Amazon, Paytm, etc.

Those without FASTags who want to pass through the FASTag lanes will have to pay double the toll charges. The other option is to wait in the cash lane which would take considerably longer time to cross the toll plaza.



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