Address governance issue , violence will die on its own


 The killing of two youth in Shopian on Saturday was unfortunate , but the way the politics is being played by the parties over the death of two youth is worse . The manner in which the army is being roiled   by the political parties, secessionists and even the elected representatives shows that the interest is in flaring the sentiments rather than having a cool probe into the matter to find out the truth.

The focus of the government and the political parties should have been to study the root cause of the problem as to what is resulting in these tragedies on the Kashmiri soil .  This is not an isolated incident . It sums up the deeper malaise afflicting the Valley . That cause is  not being addressed . This incident was outcome of a situation prevailing in the Valley where hate is dominating the  discourse and the basic tools of administration have failed to deliver.

This is the problem of lack of governance that has pushed the youth to streets and made them to pick up stones and guns . It is easy to say that the civilian killings should not take place , but what is  the mechanism that has been put in place to  reverse the mindset of violence .  Violence is not manifested through guns only . Even a simple stone  is an embodiment of the violence  and that violence comes from the  atmosphere, of lack of hope and avenues .

Until or unless that violent atmosphere is not tackled. That is to say unless the governance is made accountable and transparent , things will not improve . For improving the situation, you need the political will and moral  courage . Both are lacking in the current situation.

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