Amit Shah’s people oriented approach on J&K gaining pace

J K News Today Commentary

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has laid out a vision for new Kashmir by undertaking a thorough review of the situation of  Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday – the first since erstwhile state’s transition to Union Territory on October 31st. It has conveyed a loud and clear message that the Centre remains focused to find a way forward  for the newly set up UT.

The essence of the meeting held in New Delhi on Tuesday was not only on the exchange of the notes in the official files and the chronology of events that had taken place since scrapping of the special status of J&K and its bifurcation into the two Union Territories, one each for Ladakh , and the other for the truncated J&K, but the way the human issues need to be addressed.

Amit Shah has shown that how the assessment of the positives and negatives need to be done to put the UT of J&K on path of progress that had eluded it for all the years since independence . There were  self-created numerous historical and political complications that suited the political class which always wanted to rule the state . Their political interests  were far beyond the tolerance of any nation , because their interests were converging with the separatism. The separatism was being used as a political shield by the politicians  and also an excuse not to work for the people . That was breeding frustration and inflicting blows to the idea of India . Huge sums of money were  wasted on the non-productive projects and to  strengthen the vote bank suiting some parties. Despite that , at the time of elections, the voting percentage in the Valley, especially in the summer capital of Srinagar , used to be quite  low . It told that the mood of the people remained unchanged , as the politicians having dual loyalties or no loyalty at all, did not address the real issues of governance, development  and corruption-free dispensation . That accumulated the frustrations that manifested  it in so many ways – the frustration of the youth led to protests , and they clutched on to the secessionism .

Home Minister has sensed its right. He has adopted a people-oriented approa

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