Annual Revision of Panchayat Photo Electoral Roll

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According to the office of Chief Electoral Office, the date of filing/receiving claims and objections (Additions/Deletions/Corrections/Transpositions) from all the eligible electors culminated on 8th December 2019 across all the 316 community blocks of the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh under Annual Revision of Panchayat Photo Electoral Roll with respect to 01.01.2020 as qualifying date. As per rule – 4 (Sub Rule- 4) of the Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Rules, 1996 and vide SRO 690 dated: 25-10-2019 issued by Rural Development Department J&K the electoral rolls of the constituencies of the Panchayat Halqas were to be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Act, Rules and procedure and accordingly the last updated electoral roll prepared for Panchayat Election 2018 was taken as the basis for the revision of electoral roll and published on 18th November 2019.
The total claims and objections received from all the districts were recorded as 113757, which includes 70170 newly enrolled electors w.r.t 01-01-2020 as qualifying date. The total deletions marked during the revision period stands at 27379. Corrections in particulars of name, age and address are 5447 and transposition of electors have been recorded as 10761. The figures can go up after receiving the information from the far-flung areas.
The revision of electoral roll was carried out in accordance with the schedule prescribed by Election Authority UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh with the publication of last updated Electoral roll (Draft Roll) at all the polling station locations, offices of AEROs and EROs on 18th November 2019. During the period four Special Camps were organized at all the polling station locations wherein panchayat Election Booth Officer (PEBO) vis VLWs/GRS/MPWs in collaboration with Assembly Booth level Officers received the claims and objections at all the polling stations.
The disposal process of the received claims and objections is underway in all the districts and as per revision schedule the final publication of Electoral Roll will be made on 26th December 2019.

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