AOL Jammu Chapter conducts 10 Happiness Courses Pan J&K in a week

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Jammu, March 22

The Art of Living founded by Padam vibhushan Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, thru its Jammu chapter has conducted The Happiness Programs for hundreds across Jammu region. From Jammu to kathua to udhampur , people in hundreds from all walks of life joined the happiness wave  to learn the techniques for a happy, joyful and stress-free life throughout week to celebrate happiness day 2017

In Jammu region participants joined in hundreds at 7 different locations in 10 batches for over 5-6 days from all walks of life & backgrounds and religion-, youth, doctors, homemakers, IT professionals, educationists, businessmen, industrialists, people from govt and private sectors, lawyers and many others, connecting humanity through the power of breath by learning how to attain and spread true happiness in life.

“I feel lighter. All the points of wisdom and to attain true happiness in life that Gurudev framed in the course are so apt and important for, both, my professional and personal life. I would love all the subordinates and teaching faculty in my state to experience this,” shares an Senior Educationist who was part of the hundreds who joined at AOL Jammu centres to be part of the 5 day program which is a blend of trend and tradition, offers practical tools for people to sustain their renewed energy, happiness and help face the challenges of today’s fast-paced world. The Sudarshan Kriya is a rhythmic breathing technique which removes deep-seated stressful toxins from the body. Many participants shared that they are feeling calmer, happier and more rested than before. Easy to practice; the techniques taught in the program ensure one takes health and happiness home. During sessions the current issues of youth suicide and depression were also touched upon and knowledge was shared to follow few practical principles to combat feelings of low-self esteem, interpersonal conflicts and violence. Sharing wisdom with humour, participants learnt the skill to be equanimous under praise or criticism

The AOL Centres which organised the happiness course were Gian Mandir & Temple of Knowledge AOL meditation Centres at Trikuta Nagar , Parihar traders at Janipur other locations were Aap Shambhu temple meditation hall channi himmat, meditation hall at Bhalwal jammu ,nagrota village Marh meditation hall along with Udhampur and Kathua centres.The AOL Jammu faculty & DDC members who did commendable job in organising and assisting were Sh Delair singh DTC  & Ravinder Mansotra,DTC , Manju agarwal,ajay gupta,Tejasvi gupta,sunita cherwo,Hemu karki,Sunil Sharma, bhagwati ji,shakti sagar,suman Sharma,menu singh , neelam Sharma,meera amla ji ,Sh subhash Shastri ji  and other senior faculty members along a dedicated team of volunteers who took challenging job to organise courses after they completed DSN course last month , ajay kapoor State coordinator Media and  DDC of Art of Living updated.

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