Bar-Civil Society protest at Janipur

JK News Today
Jammu, April 11:
Bar Association of Jammu followed by covil society membera today called for Jammu Bandh and also protested at Janipur after burning tyres for road blockage.
As BAJ is leading the Jammu Bandh call and protests, hundreds of advocates under the umbrella of BAJ and Civil Society including many non political organisations today began their protest from Janipur near High Court complex and protested against PDP-BJP state government.
The Bandh was called on four points including shifting of Asifa case to CBI, removal of minutes of meeting of Tribal Dept, district status for Nowshera-Sunderbani and Rohangyas issue.
However, Chamber of Commerce and Industries has not supported the Bandh call of BAJ, but many social organisations are with the call.

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