BJP will show door to“ incompetent ministers” in J&K

New faces to be  chosen by Jitendra, Pawan Gupta may stage a come back

JK News Today

Jammu, April 08

BJP is reported to have  decided to axe the non-performing  ministers in Jammu and Kashmir . This decision may be implemented immediately after the Legislative Council elections are over.

The party sources said that the BJP ministers  have become a source if great embarrassment for the party because of their arrogance and incompetence and corruption.

The party  is expected to  some new  faces.

Sources indicated the ministers handling the public utility services like  water, irrigation, flood control, power , and  health  might be shown door . They have been found wanting in reaching out to the people and addressing the issues of their constituencies.

“They are working for the transfer industry that has yielded them a fortune , which they had never seen before  and neglected the work assigned to them,” a party leader told JK News Today.

The party that had come to  share the power for the first  time in Jammu and Kashmir , in alliance with ideologically  divergent entity Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP)  has hoped  that the BJP in power would refurbish the party’s image  and get more people attracted toward the party .

“The BJP ministers have worked contrary to expectations with which the party had nominated them to the ministry . Instead they  surrendered the party’s ideology for their personal benefits  and lust for power. Their performance in administrative matters was equally shocking,” the leader said.

It may be recalled that this exercise of the assessment of the party ministers  started  after Prime Minister Narendra Modi  visited  J&K on April 2 to  inaugurate India’s longest  tunnel between Chenani and Nashari  on Jammu- Srinagar highway. He was told that the party ministers had  ceased to be  interested in party affairs.

This time around, MoS in PMO Jitendra Singh is likely to be appointed as a pointperson to make selection of new ministers.  If sources are to be believed former Mos Finance  Pawan Gupta may be re-inducted into the ministry for he has brains  and understanding  of the issues of the state.

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