Ceremonial BPM held on Baisakhi at Chushul-Moldo & DBO-TWD meeting point at eastern Ladakh

JK News Today
​Srinagar, April 14:

A Ceremonial Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) on the occasion of “Baisakhi Festival” was conducted today at the Indian BPM huts at Chushul-Moldo and DBO-TWD Meeting Points in Eastern Ladakh. While the Indian delegation was led by Brig VK Purohit and Col Prashant Rana the Chinese delegation was led by Sr Col Yin Hong Chen and Col Song Zhang Li.

​The Ceremonial Border Personnel Meeting commenced with saluting the respective National Flags by the Delegation members. This was followed by a ceremonial address comprising of exchange of greetings, wishes and Vote of Thanks. The address reflected the mutual desire of maintaining and improving relations at the functional level.
​Both the delegations interacted in a free, congenial and cordial environment. The Delegations parted amidst a feeling of friendship and commitment towards enhancing the existing cordial relations and maintaining peace along the border. Both sides also sought to build on the mutual feeling to maintain peace and tranquility along the border.

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