China threatens India on Kashmir, time for Delhi to wake up

Binoo Joshi

China has threatened to intervene  in  Kashmir issue  between India and Pakistan as a rebuff to India’s moves to  play Dalai Lama as a card to embarrass Beijing . It is evident from the Editorial , “ India’s use of Dalai Lama card tactless” in the state sponsored Global Times on Thursday .

The newspaper, regarded as mouthpiece of  China’s official policies , while reflecting the embarrassment that Beijing is faced with Dalai Lama , a highly respected global figure , visiting Arunachal Pradesh . China reeling from one party rule, and having  little sense about the democratic values that  underlines Indian way of  politics ,  has now  responded with crudeness to Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh .

It has threatened : “ With  a GDP  several times higher than that of India, military capabilities  that reach Indian  Ocean and with having good relations  with India’s peripheral nations coupled with the fact that India’s turbulent  northern state borders China, if China engages in  a geopolitical game with India, will Beijing lose to Delhi?”.

The very mention of the “ turbulent northern state  borders China” is  a clear  reference to Kashmir and the Islamic unrest that is going on there for the past 27 years  in which thousands of lives have been lost ,  China  is making a menacing threat to Delhi that it could interfere in what it has been calling as a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

China can go a step ahead, India has been warned with all seriousness. China can create lot many problems on this count. The Karokaram highway  passes through the edges of India’s great strategic asset in Himalayas-Siachen glacier , reckoned as the highest battleground in the world. With Beijing and Islamabad having entered into  an economic  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project at the cost of $54 billion  , their geo political strategic interests have  converged as never before . Pakistan has already upped the  ante on Kashmir- talking  three routes- the Muslim majority of  Jammu and Kashmir, ongoing  militancy and  exaggerating the content of human rights violations. China  can cause troubles on India’s eastern borders in Ladakh region , as it had been doing  staging stand off with the Indian army in the cold desert region of trans-Himalayas .

India needs to take this threat seriously because the fact is that  Kashmir is turbulent  is a fact ,  which India cannot paper over..

“ China  considers India as  a friendly neighbour and partner. China has never provoked  bilateral disputes or made any pressing demand  on India over the Dalai Lama. New Delhi should respond  Beijing ‘s goodwill l with goodwill.,”  the editorial’s conclusion read , but the threat veiled in it is unmistakably clear . India should wake up . The best option is to resolve Kashmir issue before others threaten to  intervene. The U S already made it  plain that it is more than keen to intervene  between India and Pakistan on Kashmir to broker peace between the two countries.

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