Communal brotherhood frustrates all designs of Pakistan

J K News Today Special

Pakistan  made all attempts  that it could to incite the trouble and communal polarisation in Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of the special status of  the state  on August 5 . But the communal brotherhood that had been the hallmark of J&K’s ethos , culture and traditions rejected all the provocations and frustrated Pakistan in its bid to inflame passions  among the majority community people- Muslims- in the state by alleging that their demographic composition was about to be impaired by the Hindu fundamentalists after Delhi revoked the autonomy and statehood of J&K  early last month.

This is what everyone in Pakistan  had been saying  with a twin purpose : to instigate Kashmiri Muslims and their co-religionists in the state, that would soon be bifurcated into the two union territories , to rise against the revocation of the special status  The strategy employed was  the fear-mongering  among the Muslims that they would not only lose their majority character but also their land and jobs to outsiders . The “ outsider” has a mischievous connotation, it stood for  non-Muslims as per Pakistan’s vocabulary of tricks.

Second objective that Pakistan wanted to achieve was to garner the support of the Muslim  masses in the Islamic countries for what it calls the cause of the “ Kashmiri Muslim brethren”. It was again a mischief , because the Islamic countries had rejected all the pleas put forth by Pakistan on Kashmir by describing it as an “onslaught of  Hindu racists” against the minorities, particularly Muslims.

This mischief which had the dangerous portents was  on a display when Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed  a rally in “ solidarity with Kashmiris”  in  Muzaffarabad , the capital city of Pakistan occupied Kashmir on September 13 . Imran Khan behaved  as a school kid, when he declared that the revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was enough  of a reason for the Muslims to pick up arms and  launch  “ jihad”.

The theatrics of this nature left no one in doubt that Pakistan was  terming the revocation of the Article 370  as an  anti-Muslim move by Delhi .The mischief was aimed at stoking  terrorism in Kashmir by asking the Muslim youth in the world  to cross over to the Valley to stir the communal trouble.

But the Muslims and Hindus alike in J&K understood that how Pakistan was seeking to divide them on religious lines to draw its own sadistic pleasure by making Kashmir a permanent  battle ground of its evil designs , which it had been drawing and executing in the state since late 1989. But it failed to recognize that the communal harmony loving people in J&K had seen through this game and frustrated Pakistan no end.

In  the whole of  Jammu region, where there is a mix of Hindu-Muslim-Sikh- Christian –population , not even a single incident was reported that could  give any satisfaction to Pakistan . The whole lot of people stood as one unit  as they understood clearly that the Central government had acted in the constitutional manner. It had removed a “ temporary “ provision in the constitution. The  provision  could not have been sustained on a permanent basis, hence it had to go . This was done in the most democratic manner – more than two-third majority in the two houses of the Parliament  gave its thumping approval .

In the Kashmir Valley, too, where the terrorists tried to terrorise the [people by stoning them to death, shooting shopkeepers dead and attacking the fruit merchants, burning their vehicles , there was no incident involving the communities. Rather what acme out was that the Kashmiri Pandits , who continue to live in the Valley , while a majority of their community members had migrated in 1990s to other parts of the country, were  feeling safe in the neighbhourhood of  Muslims. Kashmiri Pandit migrant employees in the Valley were assured by Muslims to live without any fear. The abrogation of Article 370 made no difference to the communal  brotherhood of the communities. Same holds true of Ladakh .

Pakistan is frustrated , absolutely.

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