CRPF say’s IG is absolutely stable

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Jammu, January 04: As JKNT reported that IG CRPF Jammu, suffered a heart attack, CRPF reverted officially saying IG

AV Chauhan of Jammu Sector is absolutely stable.

The PRPO CRPF, Ashish Kumar Jha has issued an official statement after the news of heart attack to IG Chauhan gone viral and detailed that IG CRPF Jammu is absolutely stable.

He said in the written statement, “A news is in circulation in media and some whatsapp groups that AV Chauhan IG CRPF Jammu Sector suffered a massive heart attack yesterday while on an official visit of a CRPF unit in Bhaderwah.”

On the subject, it is clarified that the news is an exaggeration of the incident. It was not a massive cardiac arrest instead “a case of coronary syndrome.  Coronaries are found normal during coronary angiography.” AV Chauhan is absolutely stable, fine and normal.

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