Dimple Leads protest March against the traffic problem

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Jammu, December 29: Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement along with the movement workers held protest demonstration, to send the message to the governor N N Vohra to include our demands in the governor address of budget session starting on 2 January and appealed preim minister Narinder Modi and to the central Govt for the inclusion of our demands in the union budget also.

The demands to include in governor address are the construction of flyovers, for making the winter capital Jammu city “a smart city”, jammu AIIMS, construction of tawi Artificial lake, chinav water supply project, Minority status to hindu community in the state, complete withdrwal of the NGT restriction on Amarnath Yatra and Vaishno devi yatra and the BJP-PDP Govt stand on the to abrogate, abolish of the articles 35A and 370.

Dimple also demanded the Governor to include in his address the BJP-PDP Govt policy to take back the state power projects from the center.

He alleged people are not getting ration sugar, kerosene oil on the ration depots and the govt has failed provide the ration to the people of the state.

He alleged the 0 % performance of the 25 BJP MLAs, sitting in the coalition BJP-PDP Govt and the PWD R&B, JMC, ERA ministries, for the worst condition of the Roads, no development, in Jammu city.

Sunil Dimple sent a clear message to the governor N N Vohra that the traffic department has badly failed to regulate smooth traffic, always Jam traffic mess round the clock in the jammu city traffic scenario has completely paralyzed.

Dimple urged the governor to announce the time bound status to make a jammu a smart city and start the jammu AIIMS.

He alleged the 0 % performance of the 25 BJP MLAs, sitting in the coalition BJP-PDP Govt.  He said today BJP core committee is being held he said the report card of the three years BJP MLAs is  0 % performance of the 25 BJP MLAs, sitting in the coalition BJP-PDP Govt on all fronts.

Dimple said the governor N N Vohra to pass directives in the governor address to the BJP-PDP Govt, which is not serious on the worsening traffic scenario in jammu city and to control this menace of worst traffic problem, upgrade expedite the construction work of circular, ring roads.

He said governor, alleged the city MLAs, MP never bothered to take up this matter and only working for the enhancement of their salaries, car, housing loans.

Dimple demanded four 4 Laning of the Canal to Mishri wala Akhnoor Road and the construction work of the flyovers at Rehari Chungi, Jeawls Chowk.

He demanded the governor to construct the flyovers at Rehari Chungi, Jewal chowk and the widening of the BC Road.

He demanded the governor for the construction of alternative four way circular road from Amphalla  Manda to high court  Janipur to  Roop Nagar, to Bantalab . To ease traffic on the Janipur Road.

He demanded to start the metro rail, mono rail connecting the Jammu city with adjoining towns Samba, Bari Brahmna, RS Pura, Akhnoor, Nagrota and other towns, traffic signal lights have also been put to halt.

Dimple said the Governor N N Vohra this is the matter of great concern that the Jammu is the winter capital of the state and is very back word in the field of the development, the jammu Smart City project is not visible and the Jammu AIIMS is at snail pace .

He said the west assembly constituency the most backward, undeveloped largest constituency of the state where no development taking place.

He said no govt department under the leader ship of Deputy CM Dr Nirmal singh, JMC, ERA, JDA, PWD R&B are not performing their duty efficiently.

Dimple urged governor to tell the people of the state in his governor address the stand of the BJP-PDP govt on abolishing of the article 35A, 370.

He said the differences in the stand of the BJP AND PDP on article 370, 35 A has put the people of the state in confusion.

He urged governor to clear stand of the govt on talks with separatists’ huriyat leaders Sayeed Gelani, Mirwaiz Omar Farooq, and the Pakistan agents.

He also demanded governor to include the implementation of the delimitation and constitution of the delimitation commission in the state to end the discrimination and Kashmir centric domination on the Jammu region.

Sunil Dimple urged governor to include in governor address and to clear  the BJP-PDP govt stand on the NGT anti Amarnath yatra, vaisho devi yatra restrictions, non declaration of the state holiday on the birth anniversary of the Mahraja Hari singh ji in the 2018 calendar, for the grant of the “minority status” to the hindus of the state, against the release of the stone palters attacks on security forces police stations.

He demanded governor to announce holiday of the maharaja hari singh ji birth anniversary in the governor address.

Sunil Dimple also demanded governor to include in the governor address, to control rising prices and exempt VAT sale tax on the sale of petrol, diesel, gas, kerosene oil in the state.

The prominent protestors are Manjiet Anand, Ramesh Mahjan, Chuni Lal Bhat, Sham Saroop Gupta. P c kapoor, sachin soi, Sat Kumar,  Harbans tondon, Sat Pal Kohli, ArJun Kumar, Bharat Bhushan, and many others

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