Don’t prejudge Yogi Adityanath

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Whatever happens in India cannot escape the world view. It is bound to flash on the world radar when  the divisive figures like Yogi Adityanath is chosen as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the  most populous state in the country .  Religious minorities, particularly Muslims who form nearly 20 per  cent of the U P ‘s population , are apprehensive . Their fears stem from  what Yogi Adityanath an ultra Hindu nationalist has said about the Muslim community before becoming the  Chief Minister. The past cannot be erased . That this past may become his roadmap to future innings of  Chief Minister , indeed presents a horrifying  picture for Muslims . Their fears are not unfounded, but at the same time  it would be  unfair to prejudge Yogi Adityanath’s  future moves on the basis of his  extremist utterances  of the past .

New York Times has done a great disservice to its own reputation  as a  global and credible newspaper by  focusing on the extremism part of the  BJP, Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi  and judging that they  have  made Hindutuva as their cycle to expand their brand of politics .  This is partly true , and false as well. The projects of economic growth that are coming up across India are not  meant only for the Hindus . No one in India  has ever given a call for banning Muslims or their institutions .  Muslims are not happy with Modi’s rise, but the democratic norms cannot be twisted to  suit the western  liberal point of view .  New York Times should have  gone into the fact how Modi and Yogi Adityanath  are popular  among the Indian voters . They may not be the ideal administrators and deliverers , but the people have supported them . The people cannot  be denied the leaders they choose.

India needs political stability . That is important. It is a large bastion of democratic values where Hindus and Muslims have been living together for centuries .  This is the remarkable  feature of the Indian heritage, its cultural and social values .

Needless to say what is happening in the United States of America after Donald Trump became  President . That is so un-American, and many have given up on American dream within and outside of the United States . Fortunately, in India  that is not the case . BJP may be longing for the supremacy of the Hindutuva forces but  a large public opinion is for the co-existence and communal brotherhood, which,  even if Yogi Adityanath wants , to reverse, he cannot. That is the strength of the Indian democracy.

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