Dr Rohit Lahori, first pain specialist of J&K

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Dr Rohit Lahori, the first  pain specialist of Jammu and Kashmir is heading Pain Clinic in Government Hospital, Gandhi Nagar. Dr Lahori is also first to lead Out Patient Department (OPD)  for Chronic Pains in any Government Hospital in Northern India  Besides he is Editorial Board Member of International Pain Journal. He is also among five members of Special Interest Group of Documentation of Pain Procedures and Consent. The doctor is also pursuing Diploma in Pain Management from France and Korea.

Q1: What is your motto as you are the first and only pain specialist in J&K?

Dr Lahori: My motto and satisfaction level is to take away pains of my patients, who so ever approach me and I am working hard on this.


Q2: What is pain management?

Dr Lahori: Basically pain management is normally part of anesthesia and it comes under Anesthesia Department everywhere, but in present era doctors round the globe working on it that pains management is itself a vast field to work. Actually I have done my Post Graduation in Anesthesia, but it came to my mind that Chronic Pain Management is a good field and interested too, why not to work on it. If we are handling acute pain, why not chronic pains.


Q3: What was the response when you initiated this treatment?

Dr Lahori:I have done my MBBS from Karnatka and then worked in J&K’s maximum rural areas till 2008 and complete my PG in 2010 from GMC Jammu. Till year 2015 I was working as Registrar at GMC Hospital. But meantime I was interested in working more on pains and then I searched and find Asculap Academy of Germany, which is having its study centre at Kolkatta and I approached state government and my higher authorities in Health Department. They permitted me and the Govt’s approach was good. Then I have done Fellowship Diploma from Kolkatta and returned the same year with new energy to work.


Q4: What was patients’ response when the state’s first pain clinic was opened at a Govt Hospital?

Dr Lahori: It was inaugurated on Oct 20, 2016 at Govt Hospital Gandhi Nagar and the response is so good that on an average in OPD of 5-days a week, almost 30-35 patients with Chronic Pains are approaching me. And you will find the percentage of response with the figures that till date I have done major procedures of over 180 patients at the Operation Theatre and all successful and maximum are satisfied and get rid of their chronic pains.


Q5: What is your next target in pain management?

Dr Lahori: Actually, over 50 percent of the total population including youth too are suffering from one or different kind of pains these days. Most of them are victims of chronic pains. So I also want to aware people about what are different kinds of pains and how they get relief without having pain killers.

 Q6: What are you doing to create awareness of your field?

Dr Lahori: I am working an organizing committee member for first Global Conference on Pains in Jammu in the month of Sep 2018 in which around 350 delegates from many different countries will participate and having conference lectures and workshops too, which will be beneficial for Jammu doctors and general public in this field.

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