Drabu may  not offer  any explanation  to PDP leadership

J K News Today

Jammu, March 12:

Finance Minister  Haseeb Drabu may not off any  more explanation  to the PDP leadership in addition to the already released text of his speech in which  he has stressed “ Kashmir is not just a political issue..”

Sources said that any one who has heard or read his speech   would be able to understand the whole context  in which he made this statement . He did not rule out that Kashmir is  a political issue , but underlined that there were other issues , particularly the social ones, associated with it .

Sources also pointed out that  he made it plain that Kashmir should not be seen as a “ conflict state” and the reference to that should be seen  that how could one invite tourists and investors  to a place if the idea is  pressed time and again that Kashmir is conflict state .


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