E U exposes Pakistan

J K News Today Special
The EU delegation did not mince words in telling Kashmiris that they were victims of machinations of Pakistan and its terror designs in the Valley.
The high- powered delegation that was the first to visit the Valley after Jammu and Kashmir lost its special status and statehood on August 5 , made these matter of fact statements only after having seen and heard about  the killing of five migrant labourers from West Bengal in Kulgam district of South Kashmir during their stay in the Valley.
These killings were tragic and gruesome. The innocent labourers were working in construction sector, sustaining a critical sector in the life of common Kashmiris. They filled a vacuum in the Valley and also earned better wages than they could get closer to their home in West Bengal.
Pakistan did not like this. Its attempts to force an artificial sense of unrest in Kashmir was getting exposed, as the people were longing for peace so desperately. If any evidence was needed , it was there when tens of thousands of students appeared in exams. The children and their parents were worried about the future in which books mattered above everything else.
The EU delegation did not see the beauty of Kashmir, but also felt the vibes of the people that were sought to be hidden by Pakistan and its agents in the Valley by enforcing a shutdown during the visit of MEPs. The delegation of prominent politicians bid Europe had their political sense at work. They could see and understand what was being shown to them and what exactly the real situation and real urge of the people was.
Pakistan should have known this.
Another important observation was that the Article 370 and its removal was India’s internal affair, but they were more concerned over terrorism. They summed it up , saying that they stand with India in fight against terrorism. And, more critically, they accused Pakistan of funding terrorism in Kashmir.

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