Falsehood – the name is Pakistan

J K News Today Commentary

When Pakistan gets exposed , it uses the familiar tool of deception and denials and then attempts to sell it to the world to prove its innocence . It also has a huge potential of accusing India for everything that goes wrong to pre-empt what it knows are the imminent consequences of its terrorism promoting actions in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in the country.
Keeping alive this trend , Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued a fresh warning to the world that India might launch a “false flag “operation to target Pakistan . His reasoning is that the Indian media has played up the issue of terrorists sitting in launch pads on its side of the Line of Control in the territories illegally occupied by Pakistan, though it ironically calls those as ” Azad Kashmir.”
Imran Khan is displaying his country’s typical trait of denials on all occasions just to befool the world that it has no terrorists , nor there are any launching pads. He further accuses India of imagining all these things . He insists that there are no launch pads.
Continuing with its deception that there are ” no launch pads” along the LoC, Pakistan’s foreign office did what it knows best , to approach the United Nations on this .
“Pakistan formally offers the United Nations to approach India for obtaining information of alleged launch pads and share the same with UNMOGIP, who will be welcomed to move into any area without sharing specifics with the Pakistan government to validate Indian claims,” Pakistan’s Foreign Office said in a statement .

First , one those who set up the launch pads and put armed terrorists there, can’t they dismantle the same as no UN team would ever come unannounced . In any case, the UNMOGIP is the darling of Pakistan and they have always favoured Pakistan for that validates their existence in the two sides of Jammu and Kashmir. India rejects their mandate , but Pakistan is more than happy to have them there, for it helps it promote its falsehood that ” Kashmir is a disputed territory” as per the UN resolutions of 1948-1949. Pakistan never tells the world that first these resolutions are not enforceable and Pakistan had to vacate all its soldiers, tribesmen and others from the occupied territories. That , it has not done till date.

If there were no launch pads and Pakistan army was not running them to push the terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir to escalate the violence in Kashmir, then how were eight terrorists killed along the LoC early April .Indian army also lost five soldiers in foiling the infiltration bid. Pakistan would deny the existence of terrorists, but how did the Indian soldiers die in the counter-infiltration operation. If there were no terrorists, does that mean Pakistan army soldiers themselves were infiltrating to this side of the dividing line , as there exist no human habitats in high and snowbound mountains along the LoC. Imran Khan needs to understand all this before he ups yet another balloon of high-degree of deception.

The Cvoid-19 pandemic has thrown Pakistan off-balance . There is a political squabble going on . The Sindh provincial government is being targeted for not doing enough to fight the virus, while main opposition party in Pakistan , Pakistan People’s Party has accused the Imran Khan government of pursuing an anti-Sindh approach . It is looking for ways to deflect attention, and that it is doing by selling falsehood.

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