Farooq needs to look beyond victory

Binoo Joshi

Farooq Abdullah’s victory on the  Srinagar by poll  held on April 9 was a foregone conclusion . It was formally announced on Saturday- the day of counting .

The die  was  cast  the day National Conference announced that its president and former  Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah would contest the by-poll  with the support of his erstwhile  PDP rival Tariq Hameed Karra , now in Congress. The rival against him was  PDP ‘s  Nazir Ahmad Khan

Nazir in comparison to  Farooq Abdullah  was a political light weight .  Secondly , rather more importantly, he  had to suffer  the adverse impact of ruling party’s  failure in handling the  2016 unrest .  He was certain to loose and Farooq was the  sure  shot  winner.

The victory part with 7 per cent  voting has its own pinch, though the winner may  revel in  his often voiced thought ,” elections were credible because our  workers braved violence  to cast their vote.”

“Even a victory by one vote would be  a victory,” Farooq Abdullah told a news channel after the elections were over . He was confident about his victory. Had he sensed the  things otherwise, he would have raised serious questions about the credibility of the polls with  so much low polling ..

This is typical of politicians . Farooq Abdullah is no exception .

Now it is to be seen whether Farooq Abdullah would toe his campaign theme of encouraging  the  stone throwers as “ nationalists fighting for their nation of Kashmir” and  patronize them as he has promised  with his and his party’s unqualified support. Or would be dismiss them as the “ paid agents of the PDP-BJP government.”

That is on the  Kashmir front , how would he restore his image at the Indian national level where once he was considered as a trustworthy man against the anti-national elements and  a counter to the Islamic extremism.

 How he lives up to his promises remains to be seen. Testing times are ahead for him.

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