First woman CM of J&K silent on Women’s Day ?

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Jammu, March 09

Here is a point to ponder , where was  Jammu and Kashmir’s first woman Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti when the  world celebrating International Women’s Day on Wednesday .  No one has any clue  as to what  she was thinking and doing on this all important day  for women all across the world .

Mehbooba Mufti, who had long identified herself with the suffering of the women population of the state, particularly that  of  the Kashmir Valley  who have been suffering atrocities, harassment and  humiliation now for almost three decades .

Mehbooba Mufti  who has risen from  being an ordinary girl to the most   sought after woman leader , is one among them . She had suffered immeasurable pain of wait for the return of her sister  Rubiya Syeed  from the captivity of militants in December 1989 . That was the time when her father  was India’s Home  Minister .

Her  political, emotional and social strength came from her  solidarity with the women of Kashmir . She spoke and spoke very loudly with a discernable passion for them . Who can forget  when in June 2009 , she  ventured into  Shopian where two girls were allegedly abducted and murdered.

The mystery about the exact nature of their death  is not known as yet, despite the CBI having concluded that the duo  had died of injuries received by the stones of  Shopian river having rapids of  its own . Those were comparable only to the  rapids of Lidder  river of Pahalgam.

What made her to remain silent on March 8, 2017, when  the global fora were speaking for the trouble and tortures that the women all over the nations were undergoing from Syrian refugees to the 18th century living conditions of theirs I  Afghanistan .

Closer home, India is  having one of the worst records of  atrocities   against women. Delhi has earned the despicable title  of “rape capital of the country.” The “Nirbhya”  signifying  instead of  victim and the support for  her as  resistance ,  has become a  table of multiplication  of rapes . This  is another name for  fear which has  gripped the women folk in  the union capital, while  there are reports of honour killings almost on a regular basis . These sad chapters are visible in Kashmir in a  different manner . Did any one notice that almost daily  there are reports of girls committing suicides, and the investigation launched  into all such cases have drawn blank.

Few  extraordinary successes   do not , and cannot hide the hideous reality of the women folk in Jammu and Kashmir. They are treated as sexual slaves in  society , the incidents of  domestic violence against them , and marital discord were on an alarming rise .

This was the time when Mehbooba Mufti  should have spoken in solidarity with her gender . Since she opted for silence on Women’s Day,  it is beyond any reasoning and understanding of the womenfolk who had pinned their hopes on her as the top leader of the state.

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