G.A. Mir appeals people to defeat Communal Forces, Safeguard Secular identity of State, Slams PDP for bloodshed.

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Srinagar, March 30

Urging people to defeat the Communal forces being supported by PDP, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President & Cong-NC Candidate for Anantnag Lok Sabha bye polls G.A. Mir has lashed out PDP for encouraging communal forces for the sake of remaining in power. He also appealed people to exercise their franchise in his (Mir’s) favour in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections inorder to safeguard the secular identity of the State.

Addressing Joint INC NC meetings in Shopian today, G.A. Mir said that despite the heavy losses caused   to both life and property in the entire valley, the PDP-BJP dispensation doesn’t bother about the deteriorating situation and the losses caused, rather the ruling dispensation is adopting various aggressive measures to crush the voices being raised against their policies and anti-people policies.

He cautioned the people about the designs of PDP BJP Coalition which is being run through remote control from RSS Headquarter Nagpur. He emphasized the need to defeat the communal forces being encouraged by PDP, as this coalition being an anti-people, is strengtheing the communal forces merely to remain in power, he said.

PDP has damaged the secular fabric of the State, besides encouraging bloodshed of innocent people under the garb of protests. This is highly painful that our youth are being killed one by one and the irony is that Chief Minister being Head of the Unified Command is not able to stop these killing and that way she is directly responsible for innocent killings, she is to be blamed for the losses caused to life and property, Mir said.

Mir said people should realize that this is the opportune time to defeat the communal forces by voting against PDP, he felt confident that this time people will rise to the occassion and vote for secular forces, as that will be the real challenge to forces damaging secular identity of the Country as well as State.

He reminded the people about 2014 Assembly Elections, which the PDP contested on certain sensitive, but this Party (PDP) failed  even to fulfill one single promise made with the people.

He said PDP’s joining hands with BJP was never expected by the people, as a result there is mass discontent among the people. He expressed confidence that people will not repeat 2014, they will defeat the PDP by their valuable vote in upcoming By Elections.

He said Congress Party feels highly concerned and anguished over the unabated civilian killings across the valley and warned the ruling dispensation of serious consequences, if it fails to stop genocide of innocent people.

Mir appealed the people to vote for him (G.A. Mir) and ensure that both Centre and State Govt who are in habit of polarizing situation especially during Elections are given a befitting reply, he added.

Mir slammed PDP for the worsening situation in the valley, he said people are aware of politics of exploitation for poll benefit on the part PDP, he also blamed PDP of being in habit of creating chaotic situation to get benefitted, but these By- Elections are certainly going to upset PDP and its mentor RSS, he added.

Addressing the gathering Senior Congress Leader Taj Mohi U Din and MLC Showket Ahmad Ganie exhorted the people to support INC NC Joint Candidate Mr. G.A. Mir and cautioned people about the politics of exploitation on the part of PDP to secure votes, the upcoming By Election will prove to be disastrous for the ruling dispensation, they said.

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