Govt making Jammu & Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation Defunct

JK News Today

Jammu, April 12:

With the current action of the finance department by transferring the CAO/FA with a short span of Two Months has given, already struggling JKMSCL a major setback.


When financial issues seems to have been coming back on track after the appointment of the new FA/CAO, who has streamlined the finance section of the JKMSCL back on track. the JKMSCL got a major jolt after the transfer of the FA/CAO. Inspite of the fact our Hon’ble Chief Minister is very positive to make JKMSCL a all out success.


The decision of the Govt. apparently seems have been taken in haste with out any logical reasons that too without consulting the concerned HODs and office bearers.

The said action if not corrected immediately will certainly lead to chaos in the accounts section of JKMSCL and will adversely affect the patient care in the Govt hospitals.


We hereby appeal to Hon’ble Finance Minister, Hon’ble Health Minister to intervene in the matter immediately.

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