Guv Malik went by tradition in skipping July 13 function

J K News Today
Srinagar, July 14:
Record must be set straight , no precedent of Governor attending “ Martyrs’ Day” function exists in the post-independence history , whether during the Central rule or when the political governments were in place in Jammu and Kashmir.
Some sections have made an issue of the fact that Governor Satya Pal Malik skipped the “ Martyrs’s day “ function , little realizing the fact that no Governor has ever attended this function in the past. It is primarily a political function which the Kashmir-centric parties have been attending with much fan fare because of their political devotion or compulsions .
Governor Malik was not obliged to attend the function , and he did not , in keeping with the tradition that none of his predecessors had ever attended the July 13 function .
It should also not be forgotten that there are rival versions of the July 13 incident – the situation and the reasons for the events that unfolded on that ill-fated day. Governor by attending a function of such a controversial nature cannot be a party to the one-sided version of the story.

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