HM Amit Shah emerges as real savior of Kashmiri Muslims

J K News Commentary

The doing away with some of the contentious   constitutional provisions had evoked much of skepticism in many quarters, especially within the Valley, and the western media and political circles .This skepticism was born out of misinformation spread by vested interests. Pakistan led this brigade of skeptics, and graduated it into sort of a war-mongering o9n the issue of the scrapping of Article 370 and division of the former state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories Ladakh, and J&K.

Days of skepticism are over. If not the phenomenon has come to an end, it is nearing the end. It is primarily because of the path that the Centre, ministry of Home Affairs under the strong leadership of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, in particular, opened for Jammu and Kashmir. Shah was very clear that no non-sense would be entertained, once the matter has been discussed and decided by the Parliament. The parliament represents the will of 1.3 billion people, for India is the largest democracy in the world, a fact that stands out all across the globe.

As a responsible Home Minister and prominent leader of the country, Amit Shah, he ordered that all precautions should be taken to ensure that no one is hurt and no property suffers damage as a result of the irritation of the agent saboteurs, and also because of Pakistan’s machinations.

A lockdown was enforced. There were curfew like situations, his internet was shutdown and nearly 5,000 people were arrested. What part of the erstwhile state was affected the most, the instant answer is Kashmir. There was a lot of hue and cry, but when weighed against the backdrop that not even a single live bullet was fired, and not a single life was lost in police action in the past six months, it becomes clear that Amit Shah had devised a strategy of zero casualties. Who were saved? This question should be understood in the context of what happened and how the decisions of erasing Article 370 from the constitution, and bifurcation of the state of J&K into two union territories, were implemented and for whom. This was to save Kashmiri Muslims, who many had believed, and propagated, would hit streets and mar the Valley with violent street protests. In such circumstances, the clashes were a foregone inevitability, and so were the casualties. Amiit Shah did not allow that to happen. So, who emerges as savior of Kashmiri Muslims? The answer without any hesitation should be, and is, Home Minister Amit Shah.




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