Home Minister hints at extension of  Ramzan ceasefire

J K News Today

Srinagar, June 7:

  Union Home Minister  Rajnath Singh on Thursday  gave firm indication that the current suspension of anti-militancy operations in Kashmir could be extended  as he said that the feedback that he got was that of hope.

He reiterated his call for talks to  all the stakeholders in Kashmir with a firm declaration that the agenda of dialogue could be  placed on the table of talks, thus challenging the separatists to come out and spell their issues on the table rather than issuing it through statements .

Rajnath Singh said that Kashmiriyat includes “ Hazratbal and Amarnath” , in a clear hint that if the ceasefire could be  experimented during the holy month of Ramzan, it could  be extended for the Amarnath pilgrimage beginning June 28

In a rare  mix of  chastising those who were safeguarding the future of their children with good education and  handing over the instruments of destruction like stones and guns into the hands of the children of others. In an unmistakable reference to the separatists ,  the Home Minister  said that  how could they explain building future of their children , while  blinding the future of others’ children in darkness and gloom.

He  also lashed out at Pakistan  for it allowing its territory to be used  for promotion of terrorism . “ It says it is fighting terrorism  and if it is unable to control terrorism, it can seek the  help of its neighbouring country ( India) in doing so.”

Rajnath Singh accused anti-India forces of seeking to “ destablise Indian nation, but  their designs will not be allowed to succeed,” he said emphatically.

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