How Modi, Amit Shah and NSA saved Kashmir

J K News Today special

Much has been achieved , and much more needs to be achieved. All this can be done only if the policy is consistent and full of vision . Since August 5 , the National Security Advisor  Ajit Doval  who played a key role in stabilizing the situation in Kashmir, that could have turned disastrous had it not been handled the way it was by the Modi government.

The NSA  ensured that live bullets were not fired even when there were extreme provocations , nor did he let down the guard  in any sphere. Whatever he did set an example of innovation in the most challenging circumstances . No one could have known it better than Doval that what were the challenges and how could those be overcome.

Looking back at the situation in the pre-August 5 when the Union Home Minister Amit Shah piloted the Presidential order revoking special status granting part of the Article 370 , and what could have happened after all this , it is difficult to imagine the challenges that lay ahead at that time.

At this moment, it looks quite easy that Kashmir is back to normal where the administration could take the decision to open the mobile services , but what all has been averted during this period would perhaps never be known to the critics . This  was toughest time for the country’s security apparatus . Amit Shah and Doval knew how to do it.

“ A lot of work had gone into this process , and that’s why the Kashmir Valley has emerged unhurt from the tempest that could have hit it , had the things not handled properly,” said a government official who had worked with NSA day and night to keep the Valley peaceful.

The accomplishments were extraordinary . J&K was put in the league of the other states of the country , now it is destined to become a union territory, while the other UT will be conferred to Ladakh. The scrapping of Article 370 was a monumental challenge because of the high –voltage situation that it had been experiencing for the past 30 years . The Pakistan sponsored militancy had ruined the Valley , and impacted two generations in succession. The third generation is struggling to have normal times . Amit Shah and NSA under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have put strict curbs on the expansion of militancy. At the same time, the trio struck at the roots of the terrorism in Kashmir.

Now when the things have improved considerably in Kashmir, what comes immediately to the mind is the way things were handled and kept Kashmir calm .

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