Hurriyat wants NIA investigations to stop to talk

J K News Today

Jammu,  February 21:

The Centre’s special representative on Jammu and Kashmir Dineshwar Sharma  is arriving in Srinagar on Thursday  to meet more people , but essentially he is seeking to open doors with the Hurriyat leaders as  he has got some encouraging signs .

It has been conveyed to him that the operations of the NIA should be stopped  so that  some of the Hurriyat leaders could get an excuse  to meet him  or at least air their issue before him. This has become  a must  in the given situation  as the separatists cannot be seen talking to Sharma searching for a meeting ground to bring peace if the investigative agencies are seen hunting for them.

Dineshwar Sharma is  projecting that his visits since November last year had been good, but the  problem that he is confronting is that the events overtake his analysis after every visit , and  moreover he knows that unless he breaks ice with the separatists, hiss mission would be considered  ill-fated.

It has embedded in the Kashmir psyche that  unless the Hurriyat Conference factions are spoken to , the results would not appear on the ground. One, Hurriyat represents a sentiment that Kashmiri Muslims share to a large  extent . More importantly, Hurriyat is seen as a  group backed by Pakistan . It is believed that if Hurriyat comes on board, the route to dialogue with Pakistan would become a palpable possibility.

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