In its first PDT for skin in Jammu

JK News Today
Jammu, March 07:

In its first Shalz Medispa has introduced Photo Dynamic Technology (PDT) of skin for women in Jammu

PDT is a photo sensative topical applied to the skin and activated by  light source.

The skin industry is evolving at a rapid rate with the more focus on providing customers a more effective and efficient skin treatments. Our mission is to integrate the Natural products with Technology and the result is PHOTO DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGY.

Photo Dynamic Technology is a combination of Electro Ionicporation, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Oxygenation.

Electro Ionicporation is the process of inducing small currents to channelize cell movement so the applied product can penetrate into deeper layers of skin. Benefits: Skin cleansing and nutrients are provided for PDT.

PDT treatments leverages a research from NASA that if a particular colored light of selectable wavelength is absorbed by the skin cell then that particular cell can be made to perform in the desired way. For example Benefits: Blue light for acne, red for anti-aging, white for skin lightening, green for healing and curing, violet for rejuvenation and yellow for skin color balance.

Oxygenation: Is the process of introducing pure oxygen to help skin breath naturally, reduce inflammation and have a calming effect on the skin.

This welcomes all PROFESSIONALS in todays competitive markets of cosmetic and skin care to experience the products that will provide a never before experience to their customers.

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