Insha Manzoor – a profile in courage

J K News Today

Srinagar, January 10

 Insha Mushtaq  Manzoor  is a profile in courage .  She has  reversed her immense adversity  by showing that  those rendered  physically blind  can unveil a new vision for themselves and the world around them . On Tuesday when she was declared successful in class ten examinations ,   many hailed it and praised it as an accomplishment . It was much more than that.   Her zeal and to do something against the adverse circumstances , when the world had declared everything dark for her ,  was her biggest quality . She had the spirit and she knew  she could do it . And she did it and now no one can stop her from her next step .

Qualifying class !0 exam  against  all the odds and adversities stacked against her  was a near impossible mission . Ordinary souls would have quit the field and immersed themselves in the darkness that was thrown at them and made  a destiny forever for them. She  had nothing to look forward to in the harsh circumstances that were manufactured for her because of a situation  in which she had no role . Insha was in her home  when the tragedy struck  her .

Many  used her tragedy to push their political objectives .. They had no sympathy for her , but they wanted her loss of eyesight as a campaign issue .  Some were genuinely concerned but they  felt helpless in doing anything  for her when doctors  gave up on her .

But  she wasn’t weighed down by  her helplessness and she  shook off the  term give up forever . This is her first step , and  in the days to come, she would  scale more milestones . That is what Insha is , she has demonstrated that in the beginning of 2018, pushing aside the  2016 turmoil that  sought to cut her journey to the new world.  Insha has proved doomsayers wrong .

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