Jammu’s Mrs India Exquisite has become trendsetter

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A Jammu based Meenu Mahajan, who won Mrs India Exquisite 2016, Queen for a cause title, threw a trend for married women that marriage is not the end of your dreams, but you can have a new start with what you want from life. This daughter of Jammu, who has born and brought up in here is  an exemplary daughter, mother and wife too. She is  also serving society in different ways for which she has just got Mother Teresa Memorial Award from Union MoS and famous Singer Babul Supriyo in New Delhi. Meenu talks exclusively with JK News Today….

Q: Recently you have won Mother Teresa Memorial Award, How you feel?

Meenu: This is very prestigious award for me and a biggest achievement too. Because name Mother Teresa is itself a award for anybody. For me this is even bigger than my beauty pageant.

Q: Why do you think you were picked for that award?

Meenu: It was for my contribution for society. Actually for last over four years I am doing social work for under privileged children. Whenever I get time, I go slum areas and meet them, help them, educate them, guide them, spend time with them and try to help these children in many ways.

Q: What title you won and when?

Meenu: I won Mrs India Exquisite 2016, Queen for a cause on November 10, 2016. I became first woman from J&K, who won this prestigious beauty title.

Q: Being a Government Employee and a simple Jammu woman, How you suddenly joined beauty world?

Meenu: It is every woman’s dream to be a beauty queen, but I was exactly not like that. Though I was a princess for my father and queen for family, but there is different story behind my success. After completed my masters degree from Jammu itself, I got married and after giving birth to my son. I was healthy and beauty conscious, so remained very maintain. One day I was surfing net and saw entries for this title, then I searched it thoroughly and after lot of thinking and searching about the contest, finally I applied and registered myself. Then sent pictures and videos as desired by them. And then after passing from various sessions, I got the title.

Q: After you got Mrs India title, many Jammu women jumped into beauty contests and few won too. Do you think, you becomes a trend setter for many others?

Meenu: This is the hardcore fact that I was the first married woman, who won such a title, while being in Jammu. But I am really happy that I had set a landmark for many other women to follow. I am glad if I becomes trend setter for others, as before I got this title, many Jammu based women, who are beautiful and even confident for such contests not having much exposure, so they did not try even. Now, the trends are changing and many married women moving towards this from Jammu.

Q: After this title, now will you continue in the beauty world or just back to your routine job and life?

Meenu: I have so many offers in my hand from acting and beauty world. Even I considered some and thinking on how to move with. This is not the end and my journey has just begun.

Q: Meenu Mahajan is a Govt Employee, a beauty pageant winner, a social worker. Which Meenu you likes the most?

Meenu: As SD Specialist is my profession, a beauty contest winner is my passion, while working for under privileged children gives me immense pleasure, so real Meenu is when I am with these children, because this is what I want to do from my heart.

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