Jaundiced view of Western Media  on Kashmir


The western media view on Kashmir is jaundiced , to say the least. It is being said in the so-called leading media organisations in the  West that Kashmir is under siege . New York Times in its editorial has taken Pakistan  Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘s word  that : Kashmir is under martial law” . It is absurd . The NYT should have known that India is the largest democracy in the world  where elections are held regularly and people elect the government of their choice , while Pakistan has a history of having military rule for most of the period since its independence in 1947. There can be no comparison between the two nations, and if NYT is not aware of it, its editorial board is advised to read pages of history of  India and Pakistan carefully. India is having more territory and population of various religious, ethnic and linguistic identities than it was in 1947. It is not only one, but its unique symbol of oneness has attracted others to join this great nation .

The most important issue  at the moment is that Jammu and Kashmir is part of India, and there is no need to remind this is by virtue of the instrument of accession that last king of the state, Maharaja Hari Singh , signed to accede the state to India. If this is not clear to the western media, then it needs to re-learn the history. One question, whether the accession of the state to India came first or the UN resolutions on Kashmir. This, however, is a fact that the UN was involved in the matter by India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, which, he should not have done . But the Western media has also not studied the U N resolutions on Kashmir properly. Had it done that , it would not have pressed for the U N  intervention in the matter, because , Pakistan did not fulfil its part of the bargain in the first place. It has inducted Pakistani nationals into  the illegally occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir , and moreover , it has  gifted part of that territory to China . Why shouldn’t Pakistan be asked about all this.

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