J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik Asks Terrorists To ‘kill Corrupt Politicians Instead Of Security Forces’


Kargil, July 21:

The Governor asked terrorists to kill ‘corrupt politicians and bureaucrats’ instead of security personnels

He made the statement while addressing locals in Kargil

Satya Pal Malik, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir sparked a row by appealing to the terrorists in the valley, wherein he asked them to kill ‘corrupt politicians’ instead of security forces.

The Governor made the statement while addressing the locals at Kargil, wherein he asked terrorists to kill ‘corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who have robbed their state,’ instead of killing Policemen and SPOs

He said, “These youth with guns, they are killing PSOs and SPOs, why are you killing them? You should kill those who have looted Kashmir, have you killed anyone from them? They lose their lives for nothing. In India, nobody can bend the government with guns.”

Last month, Malik said the situation in Kashmir had improved ever since he took over as the governor last August, adding that recruitment of militants had almost stopped and stone-pelting incidents on June 21 had ended.

“I feel good that the temperature (of the situation) has come down significantly since the day I arrived here,” he said.

“We do not feel good when a youth is killed, we want to bring him back. There is a lot of thought being given as to what kind of scheme is needed to bring them back,” Malik said. “But when someone opens fire, the security forces will fire back. They would not present a bouquet of flowers.”

The governor hinted that it was not easy to assess the situation of Kashmir while sitting elsewhere in the country even if one had served or lived in the valley for some time.

“When I visit Delhi, there are so many people who claim to be Kashmir hand. I ask them when were you in Kashmir. They say 15 years ago,” he said. “Kashmir changes in 15 days, you do not know anything. If you want to know Kashmir, live there and see it.”

Malik said when he came to the state he decided not to listen only to intelligence people.

“I am in touch with around 200 people and from them I have come to know about the problems. The diseases have been diagnosed, the diseases are plenty but these can be cured. The narrative can be changed, the prerequisite is that the intentions are good and sincere on both sides,” he added.


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