JKNPP to hold protests outside J&K Bank, Reserve Bank


Probe massive backdoor appointments, financial irregularities in J&K Bank: Harsh

JK News Today
Jammu, March 12:

Alleging politicization of J&K Bank and its abuse by the rulers for furtherance of their political and economic interests, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister lambasted the State’s largest financial institution for acting as a tool in the hands of corrupt politicians besides indulging in massive frauds and irregularities. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.
Addressing the media, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that during the past three years several thousands of backdoor appointments had been made in the various branches of J&K Bank without notifying advertisements for the posts or following the formal recruitment process. He said that there were reports that several candidates were illegally doled jobs in the said bank on the recommendations of the MLAs and Minsters of the ruling clique at the cost of meritorious and deserving candidates who were covertly divested of the opportunity to compete. Rumours were doing rounds that money worth 4-5 lakhs per candidate had exchanged hands to confer favours, Harsh rued. He said that with the post of Bank Chairman always going the Kashmir way, the Jammu youth continued to remain deprived in view of their gross neglect in the hands of a highly biased administration. He further rebuked the J&K Bank for facilitating en-masse illegal appointments under the pretext of enjoying immunity from the scope of RTI Act and judicial scrutiny as it was not amenable to the writ jurisdiction of High Court in view of it not having been declared ‘state’ within the meaning and scope of constitution. Mr. Singh said that BJP_PDP alliance was squarely responsible for breeding corruption, nepotism and favouritism in the sphere of employment which had been a root cause of embitterment among the youth.
Questioning the credibility of J&K Bank, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh divulged that earlier on several occasions the said bank had denied to supply the information to the applicants under J&K RTI Act 2009 on the ground that the bank was not a ‘Public Authority’. He said that despite the State government having 59% stakes in the bank equity, it had never been accountable and transparent to the public. The definition of ‘Public Authority’ in Section 2 (f) of J&K RTI Act 2009 included Government institutions, Semi government organizations or Public Sector Undertakings (PSU’s) and even private educational institutions and Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) if they were substantially financed by the Government, Harsh said. Asserting that with all state govt employees made to operate through J&K Bank and the huge sums deposited by them in the said bank, it was doing business worth billions every year. “When the citizens demand information from this bank, it out rightly denies to do so. Why should not the people of the State be informed about the way the J&K Bank holds its recruitments”?, Harsh questioned.
Mr. Singh demanded high level probe into all the whimsical and illicit back door appointments made by the J&K Bank in the last three years. He said that the law should also take its course against the tainted leaders, politicians and bank officials for their involvement in various frauds, financial irregularities and backdoor appointments which had not only dented the credibility of Bank but also put the future of the highly qualified and talented youth in jeopardy.
Urging upon the state Governor as well as the Reserve Bank of India to take cognizance of malpractices in the J&K Bank, Mr. Singh announced to hold protests outside J&K Bank Headquarters besides Reserve Bank in the coming days.
Mr. Paramjit Singh Marshall State President Panthers Trade Union and Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh State Secretary JKNPP were also present in the press conference.

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