JPPF protests Mehbooba Govt’s negative attitude towards Jammu

JK News Today

Jammu, March 14:

Jammu Province People Forum (JPPF) on Wednesday organized a demonstration to protest against the indifferent and negative attitude of the Mehbooba Mufti-led state government in addressing the burning problems of Jammu region.

Addressing the protestors, JPPF president, Pavittar Singh Bhardwaj urged the society to remain vigilant as Jammu province is passing through a crucial stage of uncertainty, unrest and chaos owing to numerous burning issues including the change in its demography in recent years as anti-national elements under a well knit conspiracy are hell bent to harm the secular character amity and brotherhood in the region.

Warning the anti-national forces against their evil designs to destabilize the unity and integrity, Pavittar Singh said whole Jammu stand as one unit irrespective of caste, creed and colour.

Referring to Asifa rape and murder case, a heinous crime committed against an 8 years innocent girl whole Jammu stand united for an exemplary punishment to the culprit.

The public from Hiranagar, Samba and Kathua are agitating asking in one voice to hand over the case to CBI for an impartial independent enquiry as the enquiry ordered by the State Government by Crime branch has been fishing in troubled waters and till today they have not been able to locate the real culprit, he said and appealed to the CM Mehbooba Mufti to accede to the demand of the public in general and justice in particular.

Adamancy and suppression of public voice is no remedy to solve a crucial and delicate issue which cannot be silenced by using brutal police force injuring public and others which will further worsen the law and order in the locality, he added.

Talking about the recent government orders for treating tribals above law of the land, binding the administration not to interfere in the cases of illegal land grabbing and illegal transportation of bovine animals by tribals, He said there seems a conspiracy to create a wedge among the communities who from times immemorial are living together in a peaceful congenial atmosphere.

He asked government to withdraw such un-constitutional orders immediately.

Supporting the carving of a new District Nowshera in Rajouri District comprising of Tehsiis Sunderbani, Nowshera and Kalakote, he said the whole public of these Tehsils are peacefully agitating for the last 28 days for creation of new a district and the government orders for rotational Additional Deputy Commissioners is no solution but a cruel joke with the agitating public.

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