Thunderstorm activity weakening, temperatures to rise in coming days

New Delhi, May 9:

Thunderstorm activity appeared to be subsiding over northwest India on Wednesday but northern states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand could witness thunderstorms and strong winds after a turbulent past week, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).


The movement of a western disturbance, a moisture carrying low-pressure system currently over Jammu and Kashmir, eastward, has limited the thunderstorm activity in the northwest. The incursion of westerly winds would result in a rise in temperature by about two to three degrees Celsius this week in this region.


Uttarakhand, which saw snowfall in its upper regions earlier this week, is the only northwestern state that continues to remain on alert on Wednesday, an IMD forecast showed.


Three people, including tourists from Delhi and Mumbai, died in Uttarakhand on Tuesday and hundreds of pilgrims were stranded in Kedarnath after a sudden snowfall in the state.


Bihar, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim and even parts of Uttarakhand could experience thunderstorm and squalls with wind speed reaching 50-70 kilometres per hour and isolated areas of west Rajasthan could see dust storms on Wednesday.


The rest of the week may not see any thunderstorm activity in northwest India though the eastern parts, including Gangetic West Bengal and Sikkim, will continue to witness isolated thunderstorms.


Afresh western disturbance on Sunday is likely to affect weather in north-northwestern India bringing rain and snow to the hilly states but its impact on the plains is unclear.


At least 124 people were killed last week and more than 300 others injured in five states in a powerful dust storm and rain that hit north and west India.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times


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