Lane and Drain, Yet Again


– Dr. Vaneet Kaur

Visiting Professor, University of Texas at Dallas, USA


Once again it is the election season and the promotional wagons keep going round and round and speakers’ squealing sound continues to hound. As archaic as it may sound but the words with which the contenders still aspires to reign are “We will build lanes, we will build drains”.  What is the gain? It is all absolutely in vain! They wish to pounce on just an ounce when the things like cleanliness, organ donation, religious tolerance and the like must be doing the rounds.

Cleanliness in reality is only on the papers or on perfectly posed pictures, an iota of religious and cultural tolerance does not exist in the present date and time. Additionally, the blessed charismatic or opinion leaders of the wards have no vocation towards organ or blood donation.

What if the current and the upcoming leaders would have talked about organizing campaigns to donate blood and organs? The troubles of countless would have been bygones. What if the leaders had promised to work towards cleanliness and religious tolerance? Our state would have become the symbol of aberrance.

If only the leaders were so potent they would have talked about introducing such motions, reducing commotions, brought to the table divergent notions and their possible notable solutions. What to talk of their brawn when preponderance in the seats is of those who have or will be automatically drawn!

Neither the unopposed triumphs are getting any heed, nor the dangers on any particular creed, not even the future of youngsters and the weed, paradoxically folding hands and coming into the limelight with garlands around the neck is merely the greed. For the VIP fleet currently they can even touch feet! After the polls, who are you to meet or greet?

The politics in the state and the country in general is at the rock bottom. The propagandas continued whole autumn nevertheless the generic insurmountable problems that need to be on top of the agendas are not even at the bottom. Party X or Y or independent candidate Z, none among thee turned out to be the man/woman of the hour. All and sundry just went on to fight “the lane and the drain” war of each ward.


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