Mehbooba asks India Pak to foster friendship to rid J&K of violence, bloodshed

JK News Today

Srinagar, January 7: Chief Minister  Mehbooba Mufti  on Sunday asked India and Pakistan to befriend each other to rid Kashmir  of its decades long trouble and bloodshed  as there is no other alternative to address the prolonged tragedy of the  State.

While speaking at a  commemorative rally  on the second death anniversary  of her father  Mufti Mohammad Sayeed  at Bijbehra , Mehbooba Mufti said  that both India and Pakistan should realise that only dialogue and friendship  can yield results . “  She questioned both the countries about the  dividends that their hostility has brought the people of Kashmir and answered this has resulted in nothing but  killings and more killings.

“ This must stop  and the hostility should be replaced with the  friendship,” she said and  declared that this was imperative for the  peace and progress of the state that is caught in a quagmire of violence . In a direct appeal to the youth  the peers of whom  were dying  in encounters and “fidayeen” attacks as to where  have they reached at this point in time.

Recalling the vision of her father Mufti Sayeed that the dialogue was  the sole driving force to resolve the issues ,  Mehbooba said “ Mufti’s vision and agenda is more relevant today than ever before.

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