Minister’s remarks reveal deeper prejudice, malice: Farooq Abdullah


Have to engage with anguished youth rather than treating them as combatants

JK News Today

Srinagar, April 21: National Conference President and Member of Parliament from Srinagar, Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Friday said J&K Cabinet Minister Chaman Prakash Ganga’s outrageous remarks were not isolated utterances but pointed towards a deeper prejudice and malice that has not only been politically patronized but also systemically institutionalized by the PDP-BJP Alliance.

Strongly condemning the comments of the Minister, Dr. Farooq Abdullah also termed PDP’s condemnation of these comments as a painful joke and said PDP’s continued, unconditional and apologetic alliance with the BJP validated such remarks at the cost of our people’s sense of dignity and respect.

Condemning the recent spate of excesses against protesting students in the Valley, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said the anti-youth posturing and policies of the Mehbooba Mufti Government had brought the State to the precipice of turmoil and unrest. Expressing solidarity with the injured students, especially young girls who have been murderously assaulted, Dr. Farooq Abdullah prayed for their speedy recovery. “I strongly condemn the injustice and violence that was perpetuated against our students at various campuses and express my solidarity with them. I pray for the speedy recovery of injured young students especially young girls who have been murderously assaulted. This Government is hell-bent to torment our youth and push them against the wall”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said.

Terming statements issued by the PDP condemning utterances of Chaman Prakash Ganga as ridiculous, half-baked attempts to shift the burden of responsibility away from the Chief Minister’s shoulders, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said the buck stops with Mehbooba Mufti and her failure to act against the Minister had beyond any doubt both her lack of authority as also her complete lack of responsibility towards the State and its people.

“PDP has always tried to slip out of such situations by deflecting blame and engaging in pre-scripted, controlled and choreographed ‘confrontations’ with the BJP while simultaneously remaining in an alliance with them at all costs. This is yet another fixed-match between the PDP and the BJP. Had PDP really been outraged at what the Minister has said, they would have broken their alliance with the BJP as a mark of protest. However, their decision to remain with the BJP irrespective of BJP’s anti-Kashmir politics has exposed the PDP”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah added.

The National Conference President said New Delhi should rise above ideological politics as statesmanship was the need of the hour. “You cannot stereotype Kashmiris and define them within the narrow contours of a regressive ‘nationalism versus anti-national’ narrative. The political problem in Kashmir is far too complex for such broad stroke definitions and merits an open-ended, well-intentioned political engagement with all stakeholders including the leadership of the Hurriyat Conference. You cannot get rid of a political sentiment by brute force or tunnels. The exertion of force on the youth will only worsen the situation and alienate them more. New Delhi’s failure to acknowledge the issue and understand the nuances of the Kashmir problem is shocking”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah further stated.


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