Mobiles open in Kashmir, Time for Pakistan to shut up

J K News Today Special

The Government has silenced Pakistan and all other critics of India’s Kashmir policy post abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 by re-opening the mobile services in the Valley from October 14 noon.

Pakistan that had given an unnecessary hype to the blockage of the mobile services in Kashmir, saying it repeatedly that there is information blackout in Kashmir to scuttle the protest of Kashmiris against the repeal of the special status of J&K . This campaign was launched to provoke the people to come to streets to clash with the forces. It was aware that what would be the consequences of such an action .

The government acted wisely  and moved step by step. First it  threw open the land line phones and thereafter the mobile phones were thrown open all across the state, including the border district of  Kupwara , and as far as the internet facility was concerned , it opened media facilitation center for the whole media fraternity to access the internet and file their stories. So that fact was that the world was getting to know what was happening in Kashmir.

Few sections of media were projecting the negative picture against the reality that the world was being told what was happening- even before the travel advisory was lifted on October 7 , the tourists had started arriving  in Srinagar . they also visited tourist spots like Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Pahalgam  and stayed safe. This is what made Pakistan edgy.

Ignoring all the mischief that Pakistan was aiming at ,

Now  when Pakistan found that its game has failed , the government dealt yet another blow to Pakistan’s mischievous plans to instigate Kashmiris  by announcing the opening of the mobile phones from Monday onwards.  Kashmiris will now be in touch with everyone across the globe, with their near and dear ones , friends and all others . This has taken all the sting out of the Pakistan’s game.

For all those who were not sending their wards to schools  for they complained that there was no mobile connectivity and they would be unable to know the wellbeing of their children  will have no such excuses. The question however, is  what was the basis of their fear ? It was the situation that they feared could turn ugly . A fair assessment would reveal that  while the government was keen to open  everything and keep everyone safe, it were the militants and their sympathisers working under the influence of Pakistan and its proxies that were bent upon causing trouble.

On Saturday , the government in Jammu and Kashmir did what it had promised. Now it is time for Pakistan to keep shut

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