Muzaffar Beig’s bold talk

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Srinagar, March 21

Amid the  bitter  and bordering on abusive campaign of NC- Congress alliance versus PDP-BJP in the bye-elections to the two  Lok Sabha seats in the Kashmir Valley, the real point  was made by PDP MP  Muzaffar Hussein Beig who showed mirror to the separatists in Kashmir.

Without mincing words, Beig , who is known for his straightforwardness  and blunt talk , told the separatists that they were making “ fortune  out of the blood of Kashmiri children.”  His  speech resonates in  many homes in the Valley, which has seen unprecedented violence and bloodshed .

Separatists think that they are the masters  of the destiny of  Kashmiri Muslims and their generations .  These separatist leaders’ s children do not figure  in the street protests . They live far away from the turbulent places and times, untouched by the violence propelled  by their fathers and grandfathers.

Most of the  “ mainstream leaders”  avoid speaking  about this  aspect . They are scared of  picking up an argument with  separatists . They trust less of their own system  and fear the  guns and stones . Instead of airing their  own view, they echo what separatists say  and do . These leaders who had been  chief ministers, union ministers , MPs and MLAs,  suffer from a complex. They tend to  surrender themselves to the captive narrative  of the militants and separatists .

Beig’s candid talk that they  “push  others’ children on the path of destruction “ is self-evident in Kashmir , where almost all homes have been visited by the tragedies  .  They have no alternative but to suffer in silence .  the 2016 unrest  was  one of the greatest show of the politics of hypocrisy . Is there any rule engraved in  their constitution that the children of the leaders  are exempted from the protests  and  not doing what their parents and grandparents ask other Kashmiri children to do .

Is this fair ? It was  brave on the part of Beig to ask this question.

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