Narrative on CAA should be corrected, violence offers no solution

J K News Today Commentary

The opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act  in Delhi and few other parts of the country has taken a violent turn . That is harmful to  the nation.

 Violence is not a solution to any problem.  those who are protesting with bricks and stones and vandalizing the public property should understand in full measure.

A contentious narrative has been added to the CAA by the parties that see everything bad in whatever the Modi government does without understanding the spirit behind the move.

What does CAA say, that the persecuted minorities , Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists, Jains , Christians would be given refuge in India , where Hindus live  as a majority . They would be given citizenship in India  so that they can live with dignity that they deserve , for their rights have been violated  in the three Islamic countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan that sit as neighbours of India on the map of south Asia. There have been hundreds of cases, if not more , of the prosecution of the minorities in these countries . These countries want monolithic culture , and have zero tolerance to the existence of other religions , culture and their religious places.

Should India be overlooking the plight of the minorities in these countries. It is not a Hindu nation, but it has a special responsibility toward the prosecuted people , especially because of their faith .

This is humanitarian assistance that India is offering to the prosecuted minorities in these Islamic countries. . The CAA doesn’t contain any discriminatory clause against any religion . Much is being made out of the absence of the reference to Muslims in the CAA. That’s true . But the question should be asked and answered without any hesitation  that why it is so.

The Muslims had chosen these countries as their own . They are Islamic Republics . If they feel agitated about their status or prosecution under their own regimes violating their rights, they have the right to air their grievances and take up the matter with the authorities . They may find redressal to their grievances in these countries , and if not, then it is their fault as to why did they chose the country (ies) . At the time of Partition in 1947, Muslims had the choice to live in India and not get motivated by the religious appeal to their minds by  Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the architect of Pakistan . The Hindus, and other minorities  were trapped and had no escape route after the kind of murderous bloodshed that accompanied the Partition.

There are no worries for any of the communities who are living in India . That holds as much true for Hindus  and Muslims . This should be understood and the people should know that the falsehoods and narrative of non-existent fears will help the anti-nationals.

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