Nurses of ASCOMS hospital recruited in Japan


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Jammu, November 16:

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) India and the Ministry of Labour, Government of Japan, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) to transfer technical skills, techniques and knowledge from Japan to India appropriately and smoothly under Technical Intern Training Program (TITP).

Trained/semi-trained individuals from India will be sent to Japan for on-the-job training for a specific period, for maximum period of up to 5 years under this program. Technical Intern Training Program allows technical intern trainees to acquire and master the skills of the Japanese industries and professions under the employment relationship for a period of 5 years.

Care Worker Job Requirement in Japan

The perpetually ageing society of Japan has spiked up their requirement for Caregivers who can assist, accompany and attend the old and ailing individuals. As is natural, the Japanese too, like any of us, want Caregivers for the aged who are not just skilled but also gently caring. Due to the ingrained culture of giving and serving in India, Indian Caregivers are most suitable to their ideal candidature. The need for care services will significantly increase as per the recent government estimate.

Japan had roughly 1.9 million nursing care workers as of 2016. A Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry estimate shows that to meet the growing demand of the rapidly aging population, that number needs to rise by 550,000 to 2.45 million by 2025. At the current pace of increase in the care staffing, however, the nation expects to face a shortage of 337,000 nursing care workers seven years from now. The qualification to be a Care Worker under technical intern trainee must be at least 10th pass and should have either working experience as a nurse of 6 months or a Diploma in Nursing of 3 years duration .

For this project IB Skills got into MOU with ASCOMS Nursing college Jammu in October 2018 and Japanese Language training was initiated by ASCOMS  for care workers. A total of 37 interns  underwent training in Japanese language and culture at ASCOMS, Jammu . They were trained by a team of highly skilled trainers from Delhi.

On 25th September two companies namely FA Group and Blueworks International – represented by Mr. YAMAZAKI TAKAO and Mr. KAKUDA TOMASSADAMORI met the students and spent a day with them at ASCOMS nursing college Jammu where 12 candidates out of 37 got selected.

Out of the 12 candidates selected 7 are from Ladakh region & 5 from Jammu region . This is the first time any Japanese company has come to a nursing college in J&K and recruited candidates directly from campus placement.

They were handed over the conditional offer letters at a grand function at ASCOMS ,Sidhra. The have to join in Japan within a period of 6 months from the issuance date of the offer letter , the salary package offered to them is  890-1000 yen per hour which in Indian currency equates to ₹ 591- ₹664 per hour . Working 8 hrs per day means they would earn a minimum ₹4728 per day. The contract period is 3 years extendable by another 2 years depending on their performance in Japan .

The offer letters were presented to the eligible candidates by Sh D.K. Batra , Resident Trustee ASCOMS , Dr Pawan Malhotra , Director Principal ASCOMS , Mr Manik Batra , Director Batra Group , Mr BhishamBatra , Director Batra Group & Mrs Sarla Kumari  , Principal , ASINE.


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