Omar is right, let him suggest the right path

Binoo Joshi (Commentary)

“Tragic news& deeply disturbing situation in the Valley ,” former Chief Minister Omar  Abdullah  has  aptly summed up  the Kashmir  situation after the killing of three  soldiers and a lady in  Shopian  on Thursday morning .   No one is going to contest this statement of facts .

 It is  a simple rebuff to those who claim that the  situation  is well within  control in  the Valley with the blossoming of tulips and  arrival of tourists this spring . This is a reality that can undo everything else in Kashmir .  The past experience  is like that  for the people of Kashmir who have lived swinging between hope and despair.

This is the time to introspect  why Kashmir is where it is today.  Troubled, tortured , terrorized , the Valley is hoping against hope for a turn around.. But, unfortunately, the voices from ground  speak in the pessimistic terms . Abdul Rashid of Pulwama declares it ominously : “ I don’t think 2017 would be a smooth affair.”

He has seen the mobs turning into  stone throwing battalions  targeting the army, police and paramilitary forces , forcing them to retreat from the scene or provoking them to open fire  in 2016 . He has also seen the brutalities when the police would treat humans and animals alike while thrashing them , for they happened to be  men, women and children from the stronghold of stone throwers . That infuriated the onlookers and the victims of such atrocities  became  avowed enemies of the normalcy and police .  The fear is that a brew is getting ready for  the trouble ahead.

Of course, there is a strong view that after losing so many lives, economy , tourism and normalcy in 2016 after the death of militant commander Burhan Wani , nothing has been achieved.

Many believe that it is fruitless to  choke streets  with stones and  face bullets  because India is not going to   concede anything . Pakistan, the loudest support of “ Kashmiris’ struggle  for freedom struggle” is itself teetering . Terrorism  has rattled the whole country and now Pakistan army is  out all across the country   fight terrorism to which it gave birth and nurtured  as a foreign policy tool.

But Kashmir had been there before too after 2008 and 2010 . The unpredictable factor is  that  no body is in control  of the situation and Kashmiris  cannot be faulted for viewing  uncertainties and trouble  ahead . Omar has read the problem, let him also suggest some way out .

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