Only music can bring Indo-Pak together: Satinder Sartaj

JK News Today
Jammu, March 24:
Famous Sufi Singer and actor, Satinder Sartaj today said that only music can bring Indo-Pak together.
Replying to the queries of media at Lords Inn Hotel in Jammu, the Sufi Singer said that he always support holding of musical shows of Pakistani singers in India and Indian artist should go and perform in Pakistan as music knows no boundaries.
“I always support and favour that we should go and perform in Pakistan and music should not be mix with politics and other things,” said Sartaj and added that music is above all.
When asked after Uri attack, a section of Bollywood opposed the musical and artistic relations with Pakistan and want to ban Pak artist’s shows in India, Sartaj said that he is not in support of that and always want cordial relations between Indo-Pak artists.
Meanwhile, Satinder said that he is also planning to hold his shows in Pakistan. He added that he may perform in Islamabad, Lahore and Ravalpindi.

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