Our knee-jerk response

Anznoo Wasim

What has happened over a period of time is that a certain tendency of finding solutions to all ailments by strikes and shutdowns has developed and become ingrained on our collective conscience. The issues – be them lesser significant civic problems or the most significant political aspirations of the people collectively – are thought of being cured by this single dose of medication. As we have seen now, many a times the cost incurred is more than the actual return from the clichéd strategy. The prescription however does not change. It is not because there is dearth of options that the remedy is not sought from any other means, but because the one in hand is easily practicable. It expends less wisdom more resources yet affordable under the circumstances as other methods are easy to be punitively aborted while in their embryonic stages.

Even after a lot of brainstorming and spending of grey matter by our intelligentsia, it has not thrown up any viable alternative, hence has become an unchallenged choice. It may be for the reasons that all other possibilities are based on logistics and proactive measures which could never be consummated under the choked surroundings we exist in. Their employability has been gauged multiple times but the continuity was least manageable under the huge footfall of jackboots. The lack of external support which could have provided the moral boost and derived maximum out of it has also helped in accruing of our troubles.

In such a scenario everybody finds himself in a dilemma in postulating how to carry forward the struggle for genuine aspiration and inalienable right of the people in a least fatal mode. Some creative ways by mediums like art and literature can be best therapies but majority does not fall under this ambit and the task at hand is not the one to be achieved by a miniscule group. It needs reinforcement through activities performed on the ground which would provide the substance to the alternative forms. In isolation they are destined to achieve nothing or we are yet, as a civilization, to witness such kind of goals realized through manipulation only. Besides the ‘resistance’ art forms are nourished by the actual ‘resistance’ on ground. They can in no way develop in vacuum if no manifestation is there representing the emotions and sensitivities of a nation.

The whole bundle of contradictions we find ourselves in leaves thin gap for any maneuvering in our current approach. At least, being the product of this conflict, none comes to my mind except few disagreements I can make over certain actions that also makes the part of this quagmire. But one void which I think can be filled with some intellectual effort on affordable expense is the taking of preventive measures. For my mind we care less for them and resort to fierce medication once some ailment engulfs us. This way we not only put ourselves on the path of self-destruction but it also leaves less chances of fighting the threat better. By the time we begin to counteract the menace it already has spread its tentacles far and wide, hence is more hazardous and disparaging.

One thing is clear that even a layman here could envisage the ramifications of the arriving onslaught unleashed by the inimical forces. Then why do we wait until the sword hanging over our head comes down. Why can’t we create the proper hindrances which at least could save it from reaching us? Or the leadership that is supposed to create the awareness and deterrence wants to make it loud and challenging. Is it the only way for them in remaining relevant? Do they fear for oblivion in case the tide does not take an ugly turn? Then why would we keep the task of defending our various constitutional guarantees to state apparatus when we know they are in no way the benefactors of the inhabitants of this place but truthful in clinging to the chair only.

The prudence lies in the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’. Why shouldn’t they have a permanent counsel at Delhi who would take care of all the litigations concerning the people of this land? Why should we have to resort to reactionary politics when we need to take the preemptive measures? Are we intellectually so barren a land that we are devoid of pure rationale and commonsense? If we have not the internal capacity to do the job for obvious reasons of security then the task should be outsourced. People collectively have to bear the expenses and it is worthwhile making such an investment. No sane person would deny contributing his part if it guarantees him the security and wellbeing of his children. The only precondition is that one should be honest to the cause and doing it as an altruistic duty.

(Courtesy Rising Kashmir)

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