Pak killing Kashmiris, their economy

J K News Today

Pakistan is playing with lives of the people in Kashmir. The spate of grenade attacks targeting civilians in the Valley is part of Pakistan‘a designs you bleed Kashmir endlessly.

The latest attack in Hari Singh High Street in crowded part of summer capital of the newly created Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in which one civilian was killed and more than 40 others is demonstrative of anti- Kashmiri attitude of Pakistan.

The killing and injuring people is heinous crime against humanity and a clear act of terrorism. Pakistan has been relying on terrorism as a tool to achieve its objectives of injecting fear.

Pakistan’s acts of terror are a result of its frustration over the normalcy expanding in the Valley. Much has changed since August 5 when the Centre had scrapped special state of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir and announced its bifurcation into two UTs. The people in Kashmir had developed a sense of loss and much of their instincts to protest and clash with forces were kept in abeyance by the Centre’s preemptive measures.

Now the people have realised that there was no point in keeping their businesses shut even though partially. The economic needs demand economic activity.

Pakistan is not happy with the reconciliation with the new realities . It first hit at the apple industry by killing fruit growers and subsequently killing truckers and traders from outside the valley with a sinister move to cripple the fruit industry. Now, Pakistani militants are using the grenades to kill people and the economy.

It is for Kashmiris to understand the overall plan of Pakistan.


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