Pakistan delivered a stunning answer by the communal harmony in J&K despite massive provocations

J K News Today Commentary

There are many in the world waiting for the troubles to erupt in Jammu and Kashmir and their sense of shock is absolute as the masses have disappointed them . There was anticipation  that many areas in Jammu and Kashmir, especially the people in  Muslim dominated Kashmir Valley repeat 2016 , the calendar year when massive street protests had rattled the Valley from one end to the other following the killing of militant commander Burhan Wani . More than 100 were killed and hundreds others injured, and some blinded for the rest of their lives.

Many quarters in Pakistan , and also within the state, had set their clocks as they waited for , what they perceived as a time bomb for the communal clashes in the state , with its dynamo effect sweeping other parts of the country . Unfortunately , they had taken clue from some of the bad incidents that rocked some places after the February 14 Pulwama terror attack in which 40  CRPF personnel were killed. But their evil designs crashed like a house of cards.

Much of the provocation came from Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan  who made all attempts to make the scrapping of the Article 370 and Article 35 A , special status and special rights and privileges providing constitutional provisions by the Narendra Modi Government to bring Jammu and Kashmir under  collective national conscience of “ One nation , one constitution ,” as a Hindu versus Muslim issue . This is not a religious issue , and by now when three weeks have passed off peacefully after J&K was integrated fully with the rest of the country , these elements have all the reasons to be frustrated . They are using all the old and new tactics to provoke a communal clash, but the people of J&K , which is a mini India in its own right because of the complete homogeneity in diversity , have learnt not to fall prey to their provocations .

The life in the state is going on peacefully. There are many areas in J&K that have mixed population of various faiths, particularly Hindus and Muslims, where restrictions have been lifted, no incident that can be described as untoward has taken place.

This is the ethos of J&K, the state that has refused to with Ali Mohammad Jinnah’s two-nation theory in 1947. It was a conscious decision . Its foundation was rooted in the communal harmony . That has lived on till date , despite massive provocations from Pakistan , the mischievous mind of which works  in top gear to cause violence , which it relishes  its success , and few other quarters  even when there were series of massacres in the hills of Jammu and also in few parts of the Valley.

Hindus and Muslims have always lived like brothers. Their bonds are strong enough to survive all provocations , and no incident of any kind that could infringe upon the communal harmony is a formidable proof of this.

The Article 370 had granted special status to all the residents of J&K. It was not exclusive to any community . And, now when it is gone , the beneficiary of the development, rise in entrepreneurship  and the economic progress would be available to all in the two UTs  waiting to take shape on October 31.

There is absolutely no point in telling Pakistan to see inwards and see what is happening in its own backyard where the human rights are violated, and the minorities are living in horrible condition, where Hindu girls are converted forcibly and Christians’ celebrations are ripped apart by bomb explosions , where Muslims are unsafe because there is a terror every where, because Pakistan refuses to acknowledge what it has become . The people in Jammu and Kashmir have given a stunning answer to Pakistan  by maintaining their age-old bonds .

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