Pakistan foreign office’s insanity and insensitivity on rape of three-year old Kashmiri girl

J K News Today

A reporter asked Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson on Thursday ,” What are your comments on the sexual assault on the three-year-old girl in Kashmir ?

After commenting that “such horrific acts are condemnable,” the Pakistan foreign office spokesperson added in the same breath: “India cannot suppress the legitimate right to self-determination of the Kashmiris.”

Like any sensible person , the spokesperson who speaks for the foreign policy of his country , condemned the gruesome rape of a three year old girl in Sumbal in Bandipore in north Kashmir that has sparked off massive protests in parts of the Valley , he made a mockery of himself  when  he linked it to the right of self-determination.

It is established that the kid was raped by a guy identified as neighbour of the victim . He  is a  Kashmiri Muslim . The protests have been held in the  Valley and the protestors have demanded hanging of the perpetrator of the heinous crime .

The police have set up probe panel and  the due legal process is underway .

But the question arises , how is this heinous and unspeakable crime related to the self-determination .

The spokesperson must have given leave to his senses when he linked the rape of a toddler to his attendant statement,” India cannot suppress the legitimate right to self-determination of the Kashmiris.”

There are horrific conclusions that can be drawn from such insane remarks  by the Pakistani establishment’s spokesperson on foreign policy but that  would be  giving legitimacy to his insanity.

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