Pakistan is responsible for renewed violence in Kashmir


J K News Today Commentary

The Handwara encounter that concluded in the early hours of Sunday morning , leaving four army personnel , including two officers of the rank of Colonel and major , and a police official , dead , it didn’t need knowledge of rocket science to know who was behind the terrorists who committed this dastardly act before falling to the bullets .

It is Pakistan all the way.

Colonel Aushtosh Sharma, a decorated officer, led his team into the house where militants had positioned themselves to rescue the civilians trapped there. . That was keeping in with the age-old tradition of the Indian army that has always given preference to saving civilian lives by risking lives of its own men and officers . That’s precisely what happened in Handwara.

It will be known who the terrorist were . Their mission, now it is clear, was to enhance the level of violence and cause havoc in Kashmir. This is a cause of extreme worry , for they have killed the officers and men who are in the Valley to protect the civilian population from terrorists . The army personnel made the supreme sacrifice for the civilians in Kashmir , it is evident from what happened in Handwara .

Pakistan cannot escape from the reality known worldwide that it is the main sponsorer of terrorism in the region . It is particularly targeting the civilians and security personnel in Kashmir in its crude attempt to internationalise the Kashmir issue. The game plan is simple – the Indian casualties will make headlines , Pakistan will sell to its domestic constituency that how two of “mujahedeen” killed five Indian security personnel , including two officers. This is sheer boasting of misplaced bravado of the terrorism , but that is what Pakistan is good at.

The news of the casualties will also be played up internationally, by an extremely hostile Western media , and then Pakistan will use it to invoke the international institutions citing the violence in the Valley while playing innocent in its self-created phenomenon of terrorism .. That has been its well known pattern all these decades in which the biggest sufferers are Kashmiris . More than 50,000 people have been killed in the past 30 years.

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